Tips to Winning at Blackjack

how to win at blackjack

If you want to win at blackjack there are a few strategies that it would be wise to follow. The most important one being you should always follow the basic balckjack strategy. This is a mathamatical strategy and has been designed to help you win so it should always be followed, even if you think you have a hunch or are feeling lucky and want to try another method, I would advise against this. Blackjack has no room for hunches or luck, it is a strategy game and thats why the basic strategy should always be followed. You should find a fast paced table to play at as this will maximise your winnings. A slow paced table will limit the amount of money you can win. Unless you are a pro at card counting it would be unwise to take an insurance bet. Insurance is just a side bet that the dealer has a blackjack. You need to make sure you manage your money wisely and dont stake too much at the start, you dont want to be chasing your losses for the rest of your play.

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